On Ramp

CF Davis' On Ramp is our program for beginning CrossFitters that teaches you the basic terminology, barbell, and conditioning movements we use so you can safely and effectively attend our group classes.   We ask that all potential members who are not experienced in CrossFit participate in our On Ramp program regardless of their fitness level. Whether you are an experienced athlete or de-conditioned and ready to get serious, you will benefit from learning our movements and performing the On Ramp workouts.    If the schedule does not meet your needs, send us an email or text message to discuss setting up some discounted personal training sessions.

Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30pm. There are 8 classes total to be completed over 4 weeks.  You may start on any Tuesday after that date and continue for 4 weeks until you complete all 8 classes.

The cost for On Ramp is $165 and includes all 8 sessions in the next available month

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For students, military, law enforcement, fire,  medical or other uniformed service members the cost is $145

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