Workout of the Day

June 11, 2019


EMOM for 10 Minutes

20 seconds of Kipping pull-ups then 20 seconds of double unders

We’re working on two difficult skills today.  You will have ten rounds to work on the kipping pull-up or kipping swing as well as  double unders.  Twenty seconds should give you you enough time to work on one strong set of kipping swings or pull-ups prior to knocking out some double unders.  Experienced athletes can work on getting larger sets of pull-ups. If you are new to the movement work on coordinating the kipping swing so you can repeat the movement for successive reps.


5 Rounds with one minute on each station

Wall ball shots 20/14 lb 10/9′
Two arm dumbbell suitcase walking lunge steps 50/35 lb

Workout notes

Today’s workout is a five round interval workout with one minute of work at each of two stations and another minute of rest.   For the minute of wall ball shots use a medicine ball and target height that allows you to start each round with a large set and then recover momentarily so you can knock out a couple of smaller sets with your remaining time.  In the other working minute you’ll complete as many lunges as possible using a pair of dumbbells held at your side.  Use dumbbells where you can keep your torso upright and push up with your leading leg without folding forward at the hip.  If you are collapsing at the midline to finish your reps you have gone too heavy or may need to perform bodyweight lunges instead!


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