Workout of the Day

July 14, 2020


EMOM for 8 minutes
:30s Pistols :30s rest

At home workout

AMRAP in 10 minutes
15 box jumps, broad jumps or object jump over
10 kettlebell snatch or dumbbell hang snatch OR Push-Ups

alternate arms each round

Workout notes

OUR DAILY ZOOM CLASS IS AT 9AM! We will be doing the skill and the WOD tomorrow on Zoom. If you don’t have a box, find something small to medium sized that you can jump over. Step Ups to a chair, bench or step also works as a scaling option. For the Hang Snatches you can do all 10 reps on one arm and switch arms each round rather than every other rep. Hope to see you on Zoom and don’t forget to post your score to sugarWOD!


standard: 24/20″, 16/12 kg or
rx: 24/20″, 24/16 kg or 50/35 lb
sport: 24/20″, 28/20kg or 65/45 lb
overachiever: 24/20″, 32/24 kg or 75/55 lb

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