Workout of the Day

July 6, 2020


Unbroken double under ladder in eight minutes

climb as high as you can
2-4-6-8 …
5-10-15-20 …
10-20-30-40 …

Workout of the day

AMRAP in 12 Minutes
Front rack walking lunge steps

Workout notes

We’re back on the barbell today. We have an ascending rep scheme of thrusters and lunges. The focus here is primarily your lower body strength and endurance but you’ll need to maintain a tight core to properly execute a thruster and a set of lunges. The job of your core is to maintain a tight and neutral spine while holding your torso upright. That goes for both movements. Keep the load light and use a weight you can move continuously for twelve minutes with short rest.


standard: 75/55 lb
rx: 95/65 lb
sport: 115/85 lb
overachiever: 135/95 lb

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