Workout of the Day

June 21, 2020

Sunday super zoom

AMRAP 20 minutes

15 Burpees
20 Air Squat + Jumping Squat

200m Run or 100 Mountain Climbers

Workout notes

Well it’s back to basics for the CFD crew. We’re at home again today and most of you have happily returned your dumbbell or kettlebell. If you’re like me you started to despise the sight of your lone piece of equipment as you warmed up for your workout. We’ll be hosting bodyweight workouts on Zoom every Sunday at 9 so be there to follow along or email if you’d like to be added to the zoom recording list. Yoga will follow at 10AM! Oh yeah, your score will be the total number of rounds and reps you complete of the burpee, squat + squat jump. The run and mountain climbers are just there for fun!

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